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Danger Patrol Part 0: Casting Call

‚ÄčThat hot new season of Danger Patrol is in need of a new round of actors and provocateurs, so director-master Gnome brings in Ironicus, PoorWeather, AWoodenPalisade, Gharbad, Chip Cheezum, and Violet to explain the ups and downs. From dangerously close to a nameless hero to dangerously close to libel from multiple other broadcast networks, this Patrol will have it all!

Before you dive in, learn about building tension with this session's podchat!

Chip and Ironicus
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Danger Patrol 1-1: S02E01 Red Vengeance! Breaking the Rules of Nature!

This week, on the premiere of an all-new season of Danger Patrol! We welcome back the Professor (Ironicus), Crow Simons (AWoodenPalisade), the Tawny Owl (PoorWeather), Rolo Randall the Sepctral Sleuth (Chip Cheezum), "Livid" Leslie Chesterfield (Violet), and Billy the Kid himself, the Billybot Gruffmaster 9000 (Gharbad)! When we last saw the Danger Patrol, a dastardly trick by the Crimson Republic led them to launch missiles at our own beloved home, Rocket City! But did they run? Did they hide?! No! Our beloved heroes brace their mettle against enemy metal and save us once again! Listen on, gentle citizen, and remember-- Rad-Soap Saves Lives!

Danger Patrol 1-2: S02E02 Ruination! Promotional Consideration by Pizza Vault!

WHY 30 PIZZAS? The Danger Patrol finally gets to the bottom of the question that has haunted Crow Simons since Season 1! The Crimson Republic's plots have brought their doomsday device to the very roots of Rocket City, the ancient Martian ruins! The team races to investigate and intervene, stretching their abilities to the limit! Remember: buy war bonds-- support the Danger Patrol, and keep your bed safe!

Danger Patrol Tabletalk

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