Some Friends at the Table join us in a recovering world of power and heroics!

Ehdrigohr Friends at the Table

Ehdrigohr is a Fate Core based tabletop role-playing game where you get to play a character struggling to survive in this recovering world. It is a fantasy game of high heroics, myth and culture, powerful magic, and survival horror. The tides of darkness are overwhelming but this is not meant to be a game of nihilism. It is about hope. Your characters are the mythic heroes who do impossible things that push back the tide. Allen Turner

Ehdrigohr 1-1: Four Strangers Come to Town

An overconfident warrior, Jackdaw (Ikks). A promising herbalist, Ahnah (Ali). A skilled tinkerer, Ala'ka Dun (Austin). A problem solver, Oneraven Graspingclouds (Keith). What do they have in common? Very little, of course, which is why the one-of-a-kind travelling Wu town of Wander is so perfect a place to make friends, offend dignitaries, defend the downtrodden, and of course, advance water-based amusement technology. Ehdrigohr is a land of tumultuous peace and repulsive conflicts, but perhaps moreso today than ever.

Ehdrigohr 1-2: The Four Leave on a Journey

Tragedy begets tragedy, and the wave of invading Shivers is revealed to be a feint for a much darker and more powerful creature to snatch the youngest child from Wander. The four pursue the monster to its lair deep, deep in the most cursed corner of the swamp-- and find that it is a foe they cannot possibly defeat.

Ehdrigohr Tabletalk: Otter Pop Culture

Louie-Bloo Raspberry. Poncho Punch. Rip Van lemon. Sir Isaac Lime, Strawberry Short Kook. Alexander the Grape. Little Orphan Orange. And introducing Jax Pavan as Jax Drives Pomegranate Van and Technical Difficulties as Bad.