The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 67 Concerning Death

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A funeral is held for the latest victim of the Elven conspiracy, Ambassador Mulberry. The party travels to Shadowport and Glitterhaegen to track down Nikud Adler and the Hand of Death.


13th Age 67-1: Four Meddlers at a Funeral

With Equinox Mansion safe for the time being, the Elements attend the funeral of Bella's ally and elven ambassador to the dwarves, Mulberry. His suspicious death leads Nav to the auspicious plan of summoning his spirit to discover what he had learned. The team then heads for the decadent city of Glitterhaegen's murky Shadowport district in pursuit of their once-ally and longtime rival, Nikud Adler. The former Architect of Cathedral is currently the holder of the old Lich King's nefarious Hand of Death.

13th Age 67-2: Shoved Contractually

The Elements brush elbows with the down-and-out sailors and scum of Shadowport. After a difference of opinion with the Empire back in Eridu, the old bounties have been reinstated, and there are those who have waited a long, long time for those dusty old posters to come in handy.

13th Age 67 Tabletalk: Shadowport

This one's short, but... profound. Besides, I made a special guest appearance by editing myself in. Does that count? I think so, yeah.