The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 43 Demon Queen Corson

The party's machinations for the Soul of Stone are interrupted by the return of Corson, former lieutenant of the Casino Hellhole.

13th Age 43-1: To Bait a Benedict

The party scrambles to stop the many-pronged assault of Demon Queen Corson’s army. Step one: the party splits up to smoke out the traitor within Forge. Meanwhile, the enemy unleashes a wave of rust monsters in the sewers. Is anyone greasy enough to stop them?

13th Age 43-2: Atrophy, Accord, Artillery

Rust monsters halted just in time, Manuél makes a treaty with Corson's advance troop of ravenous manticores, which will probably go poorly in the future. An enormous artillery-piece is sabotaged in spectacular fashion by Nav's crack team.

13th Age 43-3: Humbled, Fungaled, Rumbled

Scarlett swallows her pride, and asks the Great Gold Wyrm’s spirit for help in ending a plague. Mint uses a secret elven weapon to stop a bombing run by pterano… ptera… flying dinosaurs.

13th Age 43-4: Stop Drill Crack

In the grand finale, the team faces off against an enormous siege machine: The Vajra Drill. Standing triumphant-- even having discovered the Soul of Stone's true identity as the Dwarf King himself-- the party is laid low by horrendous news. Audriel, first mate of the reluctant Captain Margaret's ship, has been captured by the Red Fang; there were no other survivors among the crew.