The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 55 Empirically Eridu

The Empire is occupying Eridu. Let's just see about that!

13th Age 55 Compiled: Eridon't

13th Age 55-1: Temporary Trouble

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As day breaks anew in Eridu, Slots is having some confusing flashbacks to the last ceded city he was tangled up in-- Regulus. History repeats itself as Mint gathers intelligence-- and a brand new cube.

13th Age 55-2: A Partisan Pair

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Margaret and Slots, pursuing opposing plots, each pressure the generally-disliked Marshall Kakobi and the Imperial garrison he leads.

13th Age 55-3: Liquor is Quicker

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Scarlett puts forth her own plan to unite and encourage the battered populace of Eridu. Manuél and Mint help out with their own unique twist: far too much alcohol. Do drink responsibly-- these characters are superhuman.

13th Age 55-4: Old Nick Hickory

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Margaret celebrates at the party in her own unique way by sabotaging the Dragonborn factions resisting the Empire. The next morning, the various politics of the party collide at full-force, hazed as they may be by hangovers and that ominous light emanating from the Abyss.

13th Age 55 Tabletalk