The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 54 En Route to Eridu

It's time once again for a haphazard trek across the Empire.

13th Age 54 Compiled: Eridu

13th Age 54-1: Up the River, Over the River

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With a destination fully across the Empire, the Battlevan has to get airborne the only way the Elements know how: dropping off a cliff. After a few minor yet heartwarming adventures traveling along the river to the great waterfall known as Jedna's Folly, the party puts into action the most improbable plans possible to have the ship airship-shape. Afterwards, to unwind (despite Manuél's accidental added tensions) The Elements celebrate one of the Empire's most beloved holidays: Spookums Night.

13th Age 54-2: Darn Tootsin’ with Cootsen

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The Elements (and two guests) wrap up their Spookums Night celebrations in typically meady fashion as they arrive in Eridu's environs-- and along the way, have the honor of meeting the president of a state powerful enough to singlehandedly rival the Empire.

13th Age 54-3: Through the Bazaar

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The party begins their research into the various factions that lie in a cold stalemate in Eridu-- the Imperials, the Anarchists, the Separatists... Not even news from Equinox Manor can totally raise their spirits (Happy Spookums Night! Get it?!)

13th Age 54-4: To Grandmother’s House We Go

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Scarlett finally meets the matriarch of her clan, the tough and no-nonsense Flor. Manuél follows Slots on a mission to infiltrate the Imperial garrison in town, which quickly goes sideways when the bald bigwig Kakobi assumes they are here to put down the Dragonborn once and for all.

13th Age 54 Tabletalk