The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 23 Escaping the Hellhole

With the thralls and soldiers of the brutish Botis in hot pursuit. Mint Gelato has a new plan. A plundered staff is all he needs to ramp the Hellhole directly into the Midland Sea. This'll go fine!

Monsters homebrewed by PublicOpinion

13th Age 23-1 Audio: Battle in the Burg

13th Age 23-2 Audio: RAMP IT

13th Age 23-3 Audio: Botis Brawl

13th Age 23-1 Video: Jumped by Juicers

In this video the party has just escaped from their big score. The smart thing to do would be lie low, but I think you can guess they do no such thing.

13th Age 23-2 Video: Battle in the Burg

Mammon's minions have the Rogue Elements pinned down in the demon slums, which are somehow even slummier than you might think.

13th Age 23-3 Video: Vault of Valuables

The group survives the ambush, despite Nav's best efforts under confusion. More hints come to light as they regain their bearings, and treasure falls from the sky leading to more hesitation than you might think.

13th Age 23-4 Video: RAMP IT

In this episode - "Is there some way we can supercharge this hellhole?" "Yes there is. Give me the core."

13th Age 23-5 Video: Vulture Culture

The Rogue Elements continue accelerating the hellhole with reckless abandon, while defending themselves from a scouting party of Vulture Demons. Things seem well in hand until a new challenger approaches.

13th Age 23-6 Video: Botis Brawl

The hellhole continues accelerating and Botis continues wrecking fools. Eventually things reach a tipping point. SPLOOOOOSH!