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Episode 34 Fall 08 - Weasel Patrol Can't Go Back

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Marx is played by Gnome. Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed by Thylacinus. Today's episode was edited by Riley.

Fall 08 - Weasel Patrol Can't Go Back

Lily, Sable, and Marx continue to spy on Darkheather, gathering all the information they can without blowing their cover. Attention is inevitable, however, as spies are not appreciated in Darkheather. They must escape, soon, or else they'll be trapped down here forever.

Mouse Guard Ep 34 Tabletalk

Tabletalk happens before, during, and after the session in question. In this week's tabletalk, we discuss some confusion about Sloan, scheduling, and stealing. You'll want to listen to this after listening to this week's session, not before!