The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 40 Forge Ahead

The party is split up by customs, and therefore has the chance to get into six times as much trouble. This is gonna get complicated.

13th Age 40-1: Customary Complications

The threat of apocalypse looms large over Forge, and customs policies have become extremely strict. Sent in for one-on-one interviews, each Element has to make it through to the city all alone.

13th Age 40-2: Forge Frolick

Alright, grab a pen. Nav befriends the mutants forced into the sewers beneath Forge. Manuél and Scarlett are sent to the monster's slum of Beaston. They are soon embroiled in the plot of Manuél’s former employers and Grand Handsome’s rivals, Wylde Nyghtmäre, to free the political Dark Elf prisoners who have been held in Forge for literal ages. Bella is pulled into the political intrigue surrounding the Elf Queen and the Wilestar family. Rip finds his family arrested and their possessions to be auctioned— including the instruments he needs for the big Battle of the Bands, which, er, is also happening. Whew!

13th Age 40-3: Lacking in Legislature

Still have room in your notebook? Alright, good. Drakkenhall has seceded from the Empire. Mint is haunted by a chair from a portrait of himself he saw in Equinox Manor. The party continues their disparate quests to help the people of Forge, Beaston, and the sewer sanctuary.

13th Age 40-4: The Ominous Offer

As the first day in Forge ends, the party agrees to an alliance with the Empire under the advisement of Margaret and new duchess of Equinox, Bella Canto. All this, and we still need to find the Soul of Stone, the next of the thirteen keys.