The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 41 Hammerin' Anvil

We take you now across the Undermarch to the once-great city of Forge, where a group bands together to survive the… locals. Slamby Gastronotte (Ambisagrus) is here to find the evidence to save the Smoulderboulder clan. Cactus (Ikks) and Tran (AWoodenPalisade) are here to save Slamby from himself. Gerald of the Mountain (Medibot) accompanied Slamby in hopes of finding what he needs to settle a dispute between two clans. Finally, Beowulf de Flor (Drakkel) is here to kill Slamby for accidentally destroying a wizard’s private floating island (long story)... but takes one look at him and decides there must be a mistake.

13th Age 41-1: Anvil Auxillary

The dilapidated archives of Anvil hold many secrets. They weren't really intended to, but a thousand years of monstrous occupation turns just about any mundane graffiti into forbidden knowledge.

13th Age 41-2: Battle Episode with Robot Dinosaurs

Beowulf experiences the famous de Flor family luck. Do your best, Algernon!

13th Age 41-3: Avenues of Anvil

Slamby's friends/enemies/etc navigate the fallen capital. They spot signs of looming danger over the horizon-- but they're busy with an invisible ape problem at the moment.

13th Age 41-4: Frigid Finale

The band successfully escapes the treacherous monsters and traps of Anvil, and make their way to Forge. Slamby has done something right, thus the underworld freezes over.