The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 77 Happy Birthday, Mr. President

A battered ally points the party straight to the to the Hellmarsh, home of the clan of swamp witches who have now twice enlisted Wanda Hiltpick to save Claude Luminor's life... the very same clan from which the first Diabolist originally came, many eons ago. As such, the Hellmarsh has always been thick with hellholes, but they are now emblazoned in imperial colors-- and before the Elements' very eyes, a giant purple worm rises from one! The hellspawned creature seems hell-bent on hellishly devouring the Hellmarsh village, so the hellblazers of the party give chase to say "Hello!"

Music by Thylacinus featuring the National Emblem March

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13th Age 77: Happy Birthday, Mr. President

13th Age 77 Tabletalk: Handshake Paradox

Hey, once you listen to this podcast about Banjo-Kazooie noises, Extra Life dreams, and negativity, can you let me know? Thanks. Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after our sessions. It's lightly edited and perfect for casual listening-- get an idea of just what we were thinking when we did all that nonsense!