Nothing ever goes smoothly for the crew of the Raptor. They boldly go where many have gone before, and try to do better.

Lasers and Feelings Official Rulebook Banner art by Lloyd Jones

We return to space for another round of Lasers and Feelings, this time joined by Patrick O!

Spicy Plugs:

Lasers and Feelings 2: The Next Generation contains needles and syringes being used poorly and dangerously.

S2E1: 45% Mercury

The scout ship Raptor C was on a standard diplomatic escort mission to a galactic peace summit, when suddenly the entire crew fell prey to a highly contagious space disease! With 99% of the crew's carbon-based population unconscious, the robots are in charge. Join Comrade Core (Gnome), Winter (Panzerskank), and SU-NIT (Poorweather) as they try to save the ship with the help of Benjamin Darkley (Patrick O), the only human who didn't get taken out by the disease.

S2E2: Do You Require A Sedative?

The Raptor C was nearly ambushed by a ship full of Tuvisian cyber zombies, but with quick thinking and a handy cloaking field, our heroes managed to turn the odds in their favor. With the ship's regular crew still unconscious, its up to Comrade Core (Gnome), Winter (Panzerskank), SU-NIT (Poorweather), and Benjamin Darkley (Patrick O) to stop the cyber zombies from attacking the peace summit! Unfortunately for our meager crew, not everyone is after the same thing. Will this barely-formed crew save the day? Or will they tear themselves apart, chasing their own selfish agendas?