The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 24 Meanwhile... Marriage

With guest DM PublicOpinion's help, a handful of stray adventurers are recruited to ensure a vital political marriage goes off without a hitch. The mysterious cleric Priene Mandorle (Ikks), serious enforcer Bocca Chiusa (A Wooden Palisade), boisterous guide Gerald of the Mountain (medibot), and lil jerk “Slamby” Gastronotte (Ambisagrus) thwart plots around, about, and beneath town.

13th Age 24-1 Audio: Bagged Bride

13th Age 24-2 Audio: Mobile Marsh

13th Age 24-1 Video: Meetings and Marriage

We explore what was going on in another corner of the Empire while the Rogue Elements were having their hellhole caper.

13th Age 24-2 Video: Bagged Bride

Our other heroes discover mysterious bones in the sewer and a kidnapping plot that threatens the social event of the New Port season and all it represents.

13th Age 24-3 Video: Sewer Search

The group defeats Colonel Leon and his subordinates. Then it's back to the tunnels with dwarfs, desecration, and dissembling.

13th Age 24-4 Video: Mobile Marsh

The protectors of New Port discover a biome in the sewers that belongs hundreds of miles away. You know, the usual. In the Hell Marsh Annex, they discover an odd little fellow and a not at all little snake.

13th Age 24-5 Video: Smash the Snake

And now, the thrilling conclusion of our side-story. Will the swamp snake prevail? Will the city be saved? Does Slamby actually know how to play cards?