The Inverse World is a bizarre place. There is much to see, and all of it is just out of reach.

Inverse World Book

Inverse World 3-1: Mundi Comedenti

Captain Humphrey (Ironicus) once again takes to the high skies with trusted enforcer J.O.N.E.S. (Ambisagrus) and ship artist Palette (Medibot). Three months after their last adventure, the Unheeding III is finally shipshape once again. However, when mysterious traveler Coal Catch (Ikks) crash-lands on the ship on an expedited retreat from the legendary World Eater, not much can stop Humphrey's nose for treasure-- and trouble. Gnome takes on the GM's hat in the continuation of our favorite game-within-a-game!

Inverse World 3-2: Paenitet Navigii

The crew, though divided, shall not fall-- erm, that is, when they do fall, it is perfectly safe and well-planned. The crew of the Unheeding III is no longer satisfied with mere escape, yet killing the World Eater remains impossible. It takes a modern mind like Captain Humphrey to resolve this conundrum.

Inverse World 3 Tabletalk

Pizza! Behind-the-scenes! Pizza!