Benedict Bell is a school for the elite. The ruthless. The... bloodthirsty. One winter, the usual remedials teacher is replaced. Things just get worse from there-- old grudges and new romances burn dangerously akin.

Monsterhearts Monsterhearts 2nd Edtion coming soon! Banner art by Lexi

When confronted with temptations past and future, our teens reveal ther most monstrous hearts yet.

Six Feats Under presents Monsterhearts

Music by PossiblyHolly BonesThylacinus

Art by Lexi

Arden's DATE OR DIE demo is now available!

DeviousVacuumGeek Remix

AliFriends at the Table

EthelMonster Factory

18+ listeners only. Terrible relationships, parental and romantic.

Monsterhearts 3: No Time for Love

An inexplicable and wicked being from beyond has shattered our dimension's future and past into a nice snack, and I'm sorry to say that the hopes of the world rest upon teenagers. Ichabod (Ironicus) has learned the truth about Natalie (Ali). Adrian (D. Vac)and Jane (Violet) struggle with the consequences of Jane's murderous scheme. Lucretia (Ethel) and Crow (Arden) are caught up in the whims of their supernatural superiors. All in all, I'd say it's a pretty bad time