The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 53 Rite Place, Rite Time

The Elements stop for fuel. The Elements fight for their lives.

13th Age 53 Compiled: Autumnal Ritual

13th Age 53-1: Rite On!

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Tarrasque bested, the team makes a detour for a small Druid dwelling where, rumor has it, a ritual to lay summer to rest will soon take place-- and the resulting life energy by-product is perfect for fueling the Battlevan! Join us on our routine errand to pick up some gas, won't you?

13th Age 53-2: Fight for your Rite

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Trade for life energy bartered, the Elements join the ritual. But what's this, horror of horrors, a team of ogre magi suddenly strike! With motives unknown and the ritual entering its critical stage, the team has no choice but to defend the druids.

13th Age 53-3: Bloody Well Rite

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The Ogre Magi continue their assault (with one strange substitution courtesy of Slots). Between Rip puking up eyeballs, Bella and Slots flying around everywhere, Strawberry taking notes, and Manuél Nights, these poor, highly-trained and disciplined warriors surely don't stand a chance!

13th Age 53-4: It Comes Rite Down To It

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The Ogres and their surprise ally, the Lich, seem ready to make a fearsome counter-attack... but what's this?! It's Slots on the top rope, and it looks like he has something brewing in those sparkling eyes of his! With their foes dispatched, thee ritual is completed without a hitch-- winter will arrive this year, as sure as the Elements will continue to make all manner of ridiculous references.

13th Age 53 Tabletalk