The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 72 She’s Got Heart.

It's time to uncover secrets of Elven past.

Music by Thylacinus

Thylacinus on Coloratura's theme:

"I have an instrument and simple motif I use to represent the various characters, Bella’s being a solo cello playing a slow legato line and now Coloratura’s being a bright-sounding piano playing rolling multi-octave rhythmic parts.In the piece ‘Gimme Archaeology’ the first things you hear are the solo cello and piano, but the cello very quickly fades away, not to be heard for another twelve minutes.About halfway through the piece the piano also disappears. At the end, after all of the other instruments cut out the only things left are the solo cello on the far left channel and the piano at the far right, and both pan to center and reunite right at the loop point.No one will notice it, but I’m happy it’s there. I also was able to sneak in a reference to the Marx Brothers movie ‘Duck Soup.’"

13th Age 72: She’s Got Heart.

With the Hand of Death safely secured in the Battlevan's collapsible vault, Bella leads the party to meet an old friend-- perhaps her oldest. Coloratura Canto, archaeologist, is on to the find of the age, but for a conniving Kudzu Contraption similar to that last seen in Forge's defense. Luckily, now some big damn heroes have arrived to help out. Elven history is learned-- and made-- herein.

lp13a 72 Tabletalk: Coloratura

Elven History 201; Intro to Business Management/Scorpionoidea