The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 68 Shitpail LLC

As it turns out, many of the corporations in the richest city in the Empire are a bit corrupt. Weird! That's the weirdest dang thing!

Music by Thylacinus

Swallows & Associates Realty

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13th Age 68-1: Limited Liability Corporation

The Elements get their feet in the door of a certain big-name subsidiary of Buena Vista Entertainment, one of the biggest wallets in Glitterhaegen and thus suspected supporter of Nikud Adler. Two very different methods of incursion reveal that, for one, this particular chain of themed restaurants is in dire need of a new gimmick, and for two, Nikud Adler and his purloined Hand of Death may not be the only sinister power creeping their way into the hearts and minds of the Big And Golden Apple.

13th Age 68-2: The Prestige-ish

Having managed to shake off Gary Swallows and Appleton Smalls of Buena Vista Entertainment, the team continues their search for rogue-er elements in the city. With the help of Mint's superior deviltry-detecting nose, the team cases a weapons warehouse belonging to Alliance Warsystems, another of Glitterhaegen's controlling companies. The guards, however, take offense, even when Bella briefly revisits a past life. Familiar faces wait within-- way, way too familiar.

13th Age 68 Tabletalk: Glitterhaegen

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