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Episode 18 Summer 09 - West Patrol and the Spider Grove

Lily is played by Eliza. Sable is played by Arden. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Zeke is played by Devious Vacuum.

And our Games Mouse is Grant.

Music performed and scored by Thylacinus. Today's episode was edited by Riley.

Trigger warning: Arachnophobia. There's a lot of talk of spiders in this episode and the next West Patrol episode.

Summer 09 - West Patrol and the Spider Grove

West Patrol's mail route takes them to Woodstuff's Grove, deep in the swampy borderlands. The spider farms found here provide silk for all the Territories, and the man in charge, Mayor Cavre, gives our heroes a warm welcome. Or at least, he does once he finds out they have nothing to do with that terrible arsonist, Marx...