The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 52 Terror of the Tarrasque

A triumphant return to Moteja is marred by the reappearance of the legendary, titanic Tarrasque.

13th Age 52 Compiled: Tarrasque

13th Age 52-1: A Legendary Threat

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The formerly-minute town of Moteja has quadrupled in size due to the sudden influx of refugees of several nearby towns who bring terrible tidings-- the Tarrasque, a terrifying beast not seen in ages, has returned. The Elements rush to Foothold, the next town in the beast's path, to stop it.

13th Age 52-2: Establishing in Foothold

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Foothold, an Imperial township legendary for its orderly conduct and layout, is hurriedly evacuated by the team. Help arrives in the form of old friend Battle Bob and loving (though absent) mother Strawberry Gelato.

13th Age 52-3: The Taste of Strawbrerry

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After a brief check-in with Nav, the Tarrasque-takers take off in three teams. Mint and Strawberry will fly overhead in their strawbrerry balloon, baiting the beast towards the hellhole Slots, Rip, Bella, and Battle Bob rush to re-open-- and to ensure the Tarrasque's cravings work as planned, Scarlett, Margaret, and Manuél aim for the heart via the stomach, conjuring a craving for that very fruit. With such a complex plan with so many vital steps to be completed at great distance from one another, what could go wrong?

13th Age 52-4: From The Jaws of Defeat

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Scarlett, Manuél, and Margaret are nearly melted by acid and pummeled by hemogoblins-- and it goes without saying they fared far better than the others. One foul combination of chaotic, arcane, and infernal magic later, the Tarrasque is captured and the Empire is safe once more.

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