English, algebra, gym, lunch, cryptozoology, dead physics. Just another day at Occultar Academy!

Breakfast Cult Complete Kickstarter Breakfast Cult Primer - written just for Feats!

Before you listen, join us for a talk on maintaining a tone in games!

Ettin, Gnome, and Clove, part of the team on the FATE Accelerated game Breakfast Cult, join Ironicus, Medibot, and Nate-- in detention!

Character art by Gnome-- left to right, Mordechai (Medibot), Edgar (Ambisagrus), Chet "The Toaster" (Ironicus), Manah (Gnome) and Aubrey (Clove)

Read the Breakfast Cult Primer, specially written for Six Feats Under!

Breakfast Cult 1-1: Detention

Someone among the student body broke into the forbidden underground archives, and stole something powerful and dangerous-- if they can't find out who, they'll miss the big game!.. and be consumed by some cyclopean horror.

Breakfast Cult 1-2: Intro to Botany; Investigative Journalism

The team splits up to search for clues, following the enormous roots that continue to spread across campus-- research indicates the culprit is an interplanetary organism with a penchant for "upgrading". Conflicting characters collide, with explosive results.

Breakfast Cult 1-3: Teamwork Seminar; Physical Education

The team has a hard time covering up their escape from the principal, who is quick to notice (for example) the burning greenhouse. All hints, cryptocurrencies, and doors,even those which open into another dimensions, lead back to the grossest little man on campus-- what was his name, again..?

Breakfast Cult 1-4: Final Bell

With a distinct lack of subtlety, Jorts' foul plans (and a good number of his plant-zombie clones and creations) are tackled straight into another dimension, and pruned for good. As the smoke clears, it becomes apparent that perhaps more attention should have been paid to another student's ambitions.

Breakfast Cult Tabletalk