Things are getting weird in Chicago, and these four ain't helping much.

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It’s 2019, and things are weird in Chicago. PROXY the accidental AI, Frank the wolfman-hunter, Jack the Fey scout, and the long-deceased Starchild* find a loose thread and pull it, unraveling a plot of foul magic and imprisoned power. It’s fire– on ice!

*Learn more about Starchild in our Law’s Out session here!

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Urban Shadows 0: Bonds that Bind and Debts that Damn

Sometime in the future, a small band will get together and save... well, themselves, at least. Let's learn more about Jack, Starchild, Frank, and PROXY!

Urban Shadows 1: The Case of the Rinky-Dink Wizard

Urban Shadows Tabletalk

Another day, another Apocalypse Engine game, another bevy of variations to learn, another pack of flippin' weirdoes to save the day.