The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 21 The Casino

The brand-new hellhole, having assimilated a portion of Small Rigby, is now a mobile countryside-consuming vortex. The party surfs down into the depths, where they discover a sinister casino and the demonic administrators in charge: Paimon, Botis, Corson, and the big (big) boss, Mammon.

13th Age 21-1 Audio: Bouncer Brawl

13th Age 21-2 Audio: Malignant Mobsters

13th Age 21-1 Video: Surf Safari

Let's Preview the 13th Age, now in video form! The first half of the video is a still image because somebody was scrambling to set up the video recording for the first time, but after around 14 minutes the proper video kicks in. The overall quality will also improve in future sessions; this was pretty on-the-fly.

13th Age 21-2 Video: Bounder Brawl

13th Age 21-3 Video: Malignant Mobsters

13th Age 21-4 Video: Demon Debates

In this video the group is presented with some possible plans, and chooses their own path instead. Tune in next time to see how that turns out! From now on the videos will look much cleaner and you will be able to read the text without getting squinty.