A lush world of danger and heroics, run for us by legendary RPG author Rob Heinsoo!

13th Age in Glorantha

13th Age in Glorantha 1-1: The Clan of One

Guest GM Rob Heinsoo is here to tell a new story. In the wake of the Storm Ash clan's destruction, chief-by-default Yorsar (Ironicus) and funeral director Vahrhei (Violet) head for the Lankor Mhy temple of scribes in Red Stead. They are spurred on by the troll farmer Loy (Gharbad)'s news of another possible survivor: Yorsar's cousin, competitor to the chieftaincy. They are joined by a duck (Nadia).

13th Age in Glorantha 1-2: Sorting the Chaos

The Storm Ash clan ventures into the horribly quiet Lankor Mhy temple in pursuit of the villainous Chaos creatures and sorcerers. However, these foes have made a terrible miscalculation in confronting such a scumbag Storm Bull. Light refreshments and discussion of 13th Age vs. D&D 4th Edition follow.

13th Age in Glorantha Tabletalk

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