The honor! The glory! Step into the ring and face off against a slew of spandex-clad titans!

World Wide Wrestling RPG

Sure, the company named these episodes the ~"International Incident"~, but I, WWWDogg88,know what they're really all about. As cool as Guero Tres (Art Trebbel)'s introduction was, as much as he did in the future, it's all about my baby the can boy. Eve Young is OK. Forget Johnny Young Breakingthefourthwall. Lemme hear my fellow canheads out there. WWWDogg88 OUT.

featuring Nathan Paoletta
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and Art Tebbel
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Music by possibly and Thylacinus Thylacine

World Wide Wrestling RPG 3: The Electric Can Opener Saga

World Wide Wrestling RPG 3 Tabletalk

Even MORE wrestling chat, this time with 4 hot-blooded fans! I just don't understand a word of it.