The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 42 The Elements' Signature Forge-ing

The Anvil and Forge parties reunite and set about turning town upside-down.

13th Age 42-1: Whitecollar Weasels

The party sets out to resolve their monstrous list of errands. Bella begins tugging at a conspiracy as the whole crew prepares for the big Smoulderboulder defense fund auction.

13th Age 42-2: Adventures in Auctioning!

Help arrives from Anvil. The twin parties bribe and cheat their way to getting what they want from the auction of the Smoulderboulder estate in a manner that must be heard to be believed.

13th Age 42-3: Errands and Echoes

Bella discovers more of the hidden conspiracies between the Elf Queen and the Wilestars before entering the legendary Chamber of Echoes to meditate on her curse. Meanwhile, Manuel and Nav set the details of their upcoming jailbreak. Grand Handsome decides to rehearse for a show for the first time, so you know this Battle is going to be special.

13th Age 42-4: The Battle of the Bands

Mint joins Grand Handsome on stage as the indescribable METALLIC_ORB as Manuél and Nav save the Dark Elf prisoners and Margaret and Scarlett manage a bureaucratic nightmare. Suddenly, Demon Queen Corson, once-underling of the greed demon Mammon, arrives with a massive army to crush Forge underfoot…

13th Age 42-X: Blind Combat Test

In an attempt to make our combat more accessible to listeners, we try a game with no shared map. It goes poorly, but at least we zing each other good a few times! Featuring a mix of characters new and old; is it canon? Who knows!