The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 56 The Lord of Devils

A celebration in a new, free Eridu is cut short by a horrible revelation. Rumors that either the Crusader or Diabolist had fallen in battle were grossly incorrect; instead, they had assumed one another's positions and power. Deep in the nearby Abyss, the former Crusader has risen with an army the likes of which few in the world have ever seen as the Lord of Devils.

Music by Thylacinus

13th Age 56 Compiled: Lord of Devils

13th Age 56-1: A Ruined Reception

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With a host of devils marching on the horizon, the party jumps into action. Safe haven is located beneath Cootsen's city-state, and the team frantically puts their heads together to ensure everyone makes it to safety beneath the Lord of Devils' nose.

13th Age 56-2: A Division Divided Decisively

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With the residents safe, the party turns their attention to the cowardly Kakobi, who plans to abandon the town with his regiment in tow-- but Margaret's talk of true Imperial values of justice and courage puts her once more in command of the finest fighters of Axis. The party and their new allies face a devilish scouting party in the sands.

13th Age 56-3: Cloak-And-Dagger-And-Beard-And-Fury

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While demons have learned to think like mortals in hopes of coaxing their souls from their bodies, devils prefer to rip them straight out with no fuss and as painfully as possible. Devils like to remind heroes that they are just as soft and pathetic as every other miserable drip of flesh on the continent.

13th Age 56-4: You May Have Won The Battle

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The battle comes to a close, and the Lord of Devils is left unaware of Eridu-- for now. Until the Elements find the final keys, all the citizenry of Eridu and everywhere can do is hope.

13th Age 56 Tabletalk: More Like Dork of Devils

The legendary secrets of the Dragon Empire calendar... revealed!