The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 51 The Northern Colossus

The party makes their way to the Northern Colossus-- where else could the Seat of the Colossus be claimed?!

13th Age 51 Compiled: Colossus


Let's P the 13th Age 'sode 51-1 dawgs. It's time these roleplays got hip for the kids. Enjoy the fresh new style of your favorite dice game elpee. This is sure to bring in the hits and the faves. --Wolfshirt

13th Age 51-1: Meander to Moteja

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The Elements make their way to Moteja, the pilgrim's town that lies beneath the Northern Colossus which should, with luck, hold the secret of the Seat of the Colossus. The voyage is, as usual, populated with strange people and marvelous sights.

13th Age 51-1 1/2 Video: Colossal Climb Time

(Stay cool! There was a different number of video and audio segments.) The Elements begin their climb alongside the wise, world-weary, (untrustworthy) Dark Elf. Slots catches up just in time for shadowy figures to rise from the sheer vertical surface of the statue, and march straight down to meet them...

13th Age 51-2: The Dark Elements

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The party, aided by the sagacious elf Marek Kane, begins their climb up the Colossus... and along the way, discover the true nature of the pilgrimage's challenge as they face shades and reflections of what could have been.

13th Age 51-3: Call to the Colossus

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With the more disgusting members of the Dark Elements finally defeated (and the traitorous Mercury dealt with at long, long last), the Elements arrive at the Seat and awaken the Colossus-- and as the floating island of Regulus sinks gently into the Colossus' outstretched palms, the team knows they have done well.

13th Age 51 Tabletalk

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