Everything's connected, every last campaign, feat, and session.


Microscope 1-1: The Six Feats Underverse

Microscope is an excellent, unqiue game wherein players create a complete history in hardly any time at all. So, 'scopes in hand and fresh off the 13th Age finale, the team sets out to explain just how every character you've ever seen on Feats is indeed shippable, from Bronze Age primordia to a future among the stars!

Microscope 1-2: Dingo Dorado And Other Tall Tales

Now that the foundations of history have been laid, we're free to get a little... silly. When you get right down to it, the core of Microscope is roleplay with very few rules, just right, and that's the perfect lack of restraint that leads to the universe being taken over by... well, you'll see.