The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 50 The Spawn

The Elements land in the soft, spongy marshlands of the northwest Empire, where their journey began. Good thing we didn't leave behind any enemies!...

13th Age 50 Compiled: Spawn

13th Age 50-1: A Heap of Help

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Includes 8 minutes of bonus content! Behind-the-scenes with your favorite "gamesters!"The battle-damaged Battlevan is wheeled south, where the party discovers a strange warrior, a stranger town, and strangest of all... a massive pile of ancient rubbish.

13th Age 50-2: Pile Party and Shop Sweepings

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The town-- village?-- erupts into boisterous celebration for their new champions. The next morning, some Elements with clearer heads than others, the party investigates the small, yet... expansive shopping district.

13th Age 50-3: Devil's Dregs

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The party continues downstream on a borrowed barge-- only to be attacked by the remnants of an old, old friend, last seen bisected by the mast of a ship on this very river.

13th Age 50-4: River Cleanup

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The party makes their way through the Devil's fangs once again. The beast had been reanimated by their precious cargo of powerful artifacts-- another in a line of the Element's unfortunate casualties to save the world.