The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 49 The Three-Headed Threat

The Elements manage to make a new enemy in the time it takes to fall off a floating island.

13th Age 49 Compiled: Imugi

13th Age 49-1: Albatross

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Having escaped Regulus, the party is now on a perfect escape velocity-- straight, straight down to solid ground.

13th Age 49-2: Three-Headed Threat

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The party has been attacked by a three-headed dragon, Imugi, in pursuit of their stock of legendary treasures. Though flighty, the party is less than prepared for aerial battle.

13th Age 49-3: Transactional Interpretation of Tentacles

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Something nobody could have anticipated happened? Don't worry-- Slots, who never anticipates anything, is here, or not, or both. As the three-headed dragon and the unscrupulous flock of scavenging wyverns continue to pick apart the party and their transport, Slots' weird powers are displayed in full. What a punk!

13th Age 49-4: Three to None

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As usual, Margaret Stone slays the greedy dragon in the name of life, liberty, and Imperial good-- with some minor assistance from the band of riffraff she travels with.