The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 22 Those Swindling Scamps

Having fast-talked their way into the casino, the party takes their seats at the most crooked poker table in history to claim the next relic, the Core of the Hellhole, from the greed demon Mammon.

13th Age 22-1 Audio: Gambling Groundwork

13th Age 22-2 Audio: Grifting Gamblers

13th Age 22-3 Audio: Sealing the Scam

13th Age 22-1 Video: Gambling Groundwork

Welcome to the beginning of our second video-recorded session! In this video, the team begins long-term plans for their scheme. Will it pay off? Stay tuned!

13th Age 22-2 Video: Preparing Plans

Part two of our second session with video! In this part, the crew continues putting down their scams for the big score. Can anything be worth this much prepwork? Find out later this week! (the answer is yes)

13th Age 22-3 Video: Betting Begins

The third portion of our second session on video! In this video, people finally hit the tables and the party starts building their pots as their plans move to phase two.

13th Age 22-4 Video: Grifting Gamblers

In this video Margaret leaves the rest to their dabbling in sin to protect the plan from outside, and Nav's secret notes keep the lieutenants busy. Meanwhile, the party puts the last pieces in motion and gets the cash they need for leverage. Tune in next time to see the official response to their meddling!

13th Age 22-5 Video: Playing Poker

In this part, the final game is on. Mammon has the dealer in his pocket but the party has tricks of their own. Who can out-cheat who? Stay tuned and find out!

13th Age 22-6 Video: Sealing the Scam

In this video, the party pulls through as we all knew they would, but they aren't out of trouble yet! What happens when you scam the house to steal the house and the house is made of demons? What do you THINK happens?!