Mischief and meddling with fairies, in costume, on adventures!

Costume Fairy Adventures

Before this session, this crew discussed Pre-Written Adventures!

Center: Prince; Clockwise from top left: Prima, Citrine, Ellie, Iosa

Final Mischief Mote score: 126 (not 99!)
Motes per Minute (mpm): 0.59

The winner is... Everyone

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Costume Fairy Adventures 2-1: Three Berry Pie!

The fairies are back! Well, the town is back, and ready to be turned upside-down all over again by a new set of fair folk.Clockwise from top left: Prima Tollar (Ironicus) is the strongest pixie, and she's here to prove it! Citrine (Marah) the brownie and Ellie (Eliza) the cheshire have their eyes on the prize! And, of course, Iosa (Ethel) the goblin is just here to build a meat golem. The flighty fairies spend the morning solving the worldly woes of three residents of the town in particular; the visiting Prince, the harried Mae Honeydew, and the skittish Tanya Barrington.

Costume Fairy Adventures 2-2: Pie for a Pie!

A storm is brewing over this lovely town's festival and those charming fairies who adore making a mess of everything. A living legend has learned of the Pie Festival, and she wants to see it-- stamped into the ground. It'll take an awful lot of wishful thinking to save the day-- luckily, our favorite fairies are more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Costume Fairy Adventures 2 Tabletalk

Fairy Team 2 discusses how to crush their nemeses, Fairy Team 1. The eager beavers of Team 2 started tabletalkin' early, so enjoy hearing the outro to Session 2 again. Maybe you'll pick up more of those easter eggs we're famous for.