A lonesome dragon. A playful guardian. A mysterious wizard. An outcast engineer. A frozen ghost. An endless winter.

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Episode 15 To Winter's End 15: B1-L1 "Billy"

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Friar Pan is played by Clove. Harbinger is played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley.

This episode was edited by Gnome. The music in this episode was performed by Thylacinus.

The introduction was an excerpt from Blue Lips by Regina Spektor, and voiced by Grant.

To Winter's End 15: B1-L1 "Billy"

After defeating the mighty Train Golem, our heroes earn their first proper Fellowship Move from Trouble and Dr. Chaos. Then, with new treasures in hand, Yuria slowly drives their stolen tank back to the Pumpkin Patch.

To Winter's End 15 pt 2: A Week of Debauchery

We decided to loop back to the most interesting part of the session and talk about what happened in Ddragon's Lore some more. Find out more about Yuria's drama classes, Poptart's pranks, and Pan's debauchery by listening in!