A lonesome dragon. A playful guardian. A mysterious wizard. An outcast engineer. A frozen ghost. An endless winter.

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Episode 16 To Winter's End 16: The Second Tower

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Friar Pan is played by Clove. Harbinger is played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley.

This episode was edited by Gnome. The music in this episode was performed by Thylacinus.

The introduction was an excerpt from No Easy Way by Digital Daggers, and voiced by Grant.

To Winter's End 16: The Second Tower

The Fellowship has finally reached the second tower of Aurorealis - a massive, burning red heat sink, draining the temperature of the rest of the world. None of Aurorealis' minions defend this tower. It has its own defenses, including one our heroes refuse to fight...

To Winter's End E16 Tabletalk

This episode had a few re-takes, and I saved the bad takes for posterity. Joey stepped out for a minute, Clove decided babies can be any age, and Ikks solved too many problems.