The Rogue Elements, a bizarre band of troublemakers, have been tasked with saving the Dragon Empire.

13th Age

Episode 82 What's In a Name?

Deep inside the moon reside Eidolons. It's almost spooky how quickly the Elements adapt to their ways.

Music by Thylacinus

Jack the Reaper Demo

13th Age 82: What’s In a Name?

Despite the Moon's best efforts, the most confusing happenings reside within the party. Of all people, Margaret develops a bizarre strategy to take the party through an Eidolon skirmish. Nav's suspicions of Mint are on the rise. Rip becomes sicker and sicker as we approach the core. Not even Ironicus is safe.

13th Age 82 Tabletalk: Eidolons

The Mystery of Skype and other tall tales. Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after our sessions. It's lightly edited and perfect for casual listening-- get an idea of just what we were thinking when we did all that nonsense!