A lonesome dragon. A playful guardian. A mysterious wizard. An outcast engineer. A frozen ghost. An endless winter.

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The Story of To Winter's End

This page contains a summary of the plot of To Winter's End, and contains broad spoilers of the released episodes.

The Fellowship Is Formed

Four heroes meet. They barely know each other, but they will learn.

The First Tower

Three towers extend this world's winter. Three towers must fall. The first lies in the Blue Mountain, a tower that controls the weather.

The First Strike

The first weather tower is defended by Knight and Ggislin Ketos, agents of Aurorealis. Outnumbered and overpowered, they fail.

The Pumpkin Patch Takes Off

A miraculous flying shopping mall, commissioned by Harbinger, built by Yuria Bloodtongue, powered by Friar Pan, and piloted by Poptart.

The Passenger

Friar Pan brought an extra passenger aboard the Pumpkin Patch. The Jolem is born.


Poptart and Yuria secure the fellowship of Logdale, and the friendship and trust of Flapjack.

B0-L4 Strikes

The largest ORC stands in our heroes' way. They could fly around, but choose not to. They challenge the mighty B0-L4, with great heroism and at great cost.

B0-L4 Defeated

With B0-L4 in ruins, our heroes find that their greatest victory yet has felt the emptiest of all.

World Building

We draw a map of the world, and find our place within it.

What Does A King Do?

The fellowship meets King Nnico Llendora. He makes them an offer. They refuse.

Fair's Fair

Aurorealis meets the fellowship for the first time. Aurorealis and Harbinger make a promise: one of them must die, at the other's hand.

Wanted Posters

For crimes against Llendora, our heroes have become wanted, and halflings have become unwanted.

Finding Trouble

Seeking answers, Pan and Poptart ask the Dragon scholar Trouble for advice. Yuria and Harbinger cause chaos, but in the end, the city of Ddragon's Llore is saved by the combined efforts of the fellowship. Trouble gives them some things for their... trouble.

Revolution and B1-L1

Poptart meets their child near Llendora. Yuria repurposes B0-L4's drones, now reborn as B1-L1.

The Second Tower

Two towers extend this world's winter. Two towers must fall. The second lies in the St. Bologna's Ravine, a tower that drains the world's heat.

Red Eyes

The second tower is guarded by Red Eyes, a halfling committed to their community, no matter what shape that community might take. He tells Poptart they have broken halfling law.

Smashing Pumpkins

With the second tower down, Aurorealis' forces retaliate.

A Fellowship Scattered

The Quadcore Pumpkin Patch has been scattered, separated, and destroyed, and the fellowship with it.

Yuria Bloodtongue

Tackled into the Fog Ocean.


Crashed in the Glass Desert.


Drifting on the wind.

Friar Pan

Buried under a volcano.