Monstrous creatures with writhing limbs and gnashing teeth-- and that's just our armor!

Last Stand

Last Stand is a tabletop roleplaying game of giant insects, enormous radioactive lizards, alien invaders, and destroyed cities. It's also a game of biological power armor, weapons ripped from your enemies, climbing skyscraper-sized forces of nature, and collateral damage. F├╝nhaver Industries

Last Stand 1-1: Operation 01A TOAD

In the near future, something terrible has happened. Enormous, hostile creatures spring from nowhere and threaten cities all over the world-- and the agents of the Last Stand foundation are the only ones who can stop them. Veteran Darius Polipsky (Ironicus) leads Sam "Birdie" Valentine (PublicOpinion), "The Bug" (Ambisagrus), Arthur Hawke of "It's Tuesday Morning! with Arthur Hawke" (Medibot), Jasper Waterworth (Gharbad), and the latecomer Rookie (PoorWeather) in a retaliatory strike against the beasts invading Dubai. If Dubai falls, Last Stand's final weapon falls with it-- this truly is humanity's-- well, you know.

Last Stand 1-2: Operation 01B ZILLA

The Last Stand foundation establishes a foothold in Dubai's peninsulas, and pushes onward into the city proper. The routine mop-up goes sideways, however, when waves crash, the earth rumbles, and a behemoth rises from the ocean behind them in a spreading pool of radioactive waste...

Last Stand Tabletalk

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