Hail all those who are able. Any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard will prevail.

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The Story of Mouse Guard

This page contains a summary of the plot of Mouse Guard, and contains broad spoilers of the released episodes.

Making Mice

Seven heroic mice join the Mouse Guard.

Spring 1148

A new year begins in the Mouse Territories. A pair of tenderpaws set out on their first missions, each with a different patrol.

North Patrol

Francisca, Marx, and Tander are sent out to protect a caravan of grain, on its way to found the new city of Wildseed. After securing the caravan, they head to Port Sumac to acquire new maps for the territories, then proceed to Calagaro Outpost to defend it from migrating crabs.

South Patrol

Lily, Sable, Isolde, and Zeke are sent out to mark the scent border that protects the Territories. Along the way, snakes, bureaucracy, supply problems, and theft stall their efforts.

Summer 1148

The seasons turn, as the cool rains of spring make way for the humid heat of summer. The summer this year is long, hot, and unpredictable.

West Patrol

Lily, Sable, Isolde, and Zeke are given a mail route and find an adventure in every town they enter. Their relationships are tested by secrets; some of which they bring with them.

East Patrol

Marx, Francisca, and Tander escort a large group of settlers to new homes in Wildseed. Through the dangers they face, they see a community be born.

Fall 1148

As the heat of Summer changes into the winds of Fall, change is in the air. There's something big coming, and the Mouse Guard must respond immediately.

Moose Patrol

Francisca, Tander, Zeke, and Isolde ride out to protect an outpost from the largest creature they've ever seen, and they find a mystery they are compelled to follow.

Weasel Patrol

Sable, Lily, and Marx are sent to Darkheather to learn why Overlord Rampaul is recruiting mouse labor. Will they be able to escape with the secrets they uncover?

Winter 1148

As the Territories rest, the Mouse Guard gathers in Lockhaven. They mourn their dead, prepare for the future, and promote new members. Relationships are tested as they lay the foundations for 1149.