With an engine as versatile as this, it's hardly surprising our cast includes a talking dog and a sentient exploding spacesuit!

Strike! RPG

Strike! is a tabletop RPG with grid-based tactical combat. It's simple to learn and play, but more importantly it gives you all the best things in gaming with nothing slowing you down or getting in the way. Whether you're looking for tactical choices, exciting twists, or making great characters, you'll find it here.Jim McGarva

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Strike!'s Kickstarter

The original Strike! playtest thread on SomethingAwful (may require an account)

Strike! RPG 1-1: The Chicago Irregulars

In the near future, all conspiracy theories are revealed to be true, except for those which were incorrect in favor of even stranger ones. Introducing in this bizarre new world the Chicago Irregulars: Adam Smasher (Ikks), son of the devil J.D. (Drakkel), Laika the Space Dog (Gharbad), Providence (Panzer Skank), and special guest, creator of Strike! Jim McGarva as secret lizardman Johnny Reptowski.

Strike! RPG 1-2: Fight at the Museum

The (chem)trail of Ivan Meštrović's missing bow and spear lead the team to the Field Museum. Unfortunately, stealth is not a strong point-- consequently, ancient magic and (comparatively) modern guards are determined the party's limbs be emanicipated from their bodies.

Strike! RPG Tabletalk

The Gharbad Experience