Spirit of '77

Spirit of 77 is a role-playing game based on 70’s pop culture – glam music, grindhouse action films, kung-fu, weird science and revved up race-cars on lone highways, outracing Smokey and the Man!



Arthouse star Gloria van der Woodsen (Gita Jackson) has teamed up with ex-cop Hope Kersey(Drakkel) and ex-con Eva "Roads" Chiquita (Gnome) for deeply personal reasons: injury of pride.

The trio are on the trail of a van full of no-good nazis who snatched the elderly proprietress (Artoonyan, like the kids' two favorite things) of the Black Diamond Car Wash, who has already dealt with enough bullshit what with the recent passing of her husband.

The plot's all mixed up with that of Captain Zoom, legendary vigilante and nazi pouncher who's made a recent reappearance, not to mention the fuzz and the damn dentist.

With their last lead dead, the toothsome threesome hook up with Gloria's pal Lit Rit (way ahead of his time) to pick up the trace of nasty Nazis. Turns out, they've just rent out one of Rit's warehouses-- it's time for a bloodbath.

Talk about "Close Encounters of the Third Reich"! That movie came out in '77!

Special guest Gita joins Ironicus, Gnome, and Drakkel in discussing the surprising links between exploitation film and tabletop gaming. Subtlety is eschewed, setpieces are tied together with string, and bombastic action often reigns.

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