These are episodes where we talk about games instead of playing them. Most of our podchats are recorded alongside a Bonus Feat or Mini-Campaign, but not all.


01: GM-less Games, Cooperation, and “Cooperation”

Recorded alongside Fiasco.

We’re joined by special guest James D'Amato of One Shot to discuss tabletop games with no GM, DM, storyteller, or referee.

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03: Non-Standard Fantasy

Recorded alongside Inverse World.

Mikan and Gnome, writers of the Inverse World expansion for Dungeon World, join the crew to discuss how Inverse World and other games break free of standard fantasy tropes.

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05: Diceless and Non-Standard Conflict Resolution

Recorded alongside Law’s Out.

We discuss our favorite diceless games, and just what makes them so well-suited to narrative play.


07: Designing From Influences

Recorded alongside Strike!

Strike! is an RPG that refines D&D, Mouse Guard, 13th Age and more down to a simple, fast formula. We discuss the process of designing from your influences with Strike! creator Jim McGarva.

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09: Risk/Reward Mechanics

Recorded alongside Last Stand.

Risk and reward appear organically in all sorts of games, but are rarely designed as a core part of the role playing experience.

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11: Genre Emulation

Recorded alongside Ashen Stars.

Special guests Keith Carberry of Run Button and Phil Kollar of Polygon join us to discuss genre emulation. Genres, created to categorize media, can also be a powerful tool to give your game the feel it needs.

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13: Comedy In Games

Recorded alongside Goblin Quest.

Goblin Quest designer Grant Howitt joins us to discuss how comedy can be accounted and designed for in roleplaying games.

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15: Building… Tension

Recorded alongside Danger Patrol.

Tension is difficult to balance, and for a pre-written story, is carefully adjusted with cues for danger and story-based investment. It becomes far dicier when tension is incorporated into a game where the story is "written" as it is played.

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17: Diversity, Representation, & Inclusiveness In Games

Recorded alongside Ehdrigohr.

Ironicus and Ikks of Six Feats Under are joined by Keith Carberry, Ali West, and Austin Walker of Friends at the Table to discuss a pressing issue in the modern day.

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19: Why Monsters?

Recorded alongside Urban Shadows.

Blurry Photos and Six Feats Under join hands to discuss those inhuman favorites of humans everywhere: monsters.

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21: Horror In Tabletop Games

Recorded alongside Bluebeard’s Bride, which was not recorded as a Bonus Feat.

Grant and Sarah Richardson sit down to talk about horror in gaming, and how it differs from horror in any other medium you might care to name.


02: Setting and Maintaining Tone

Recorded alongside Breakfast Cult.

We’re joined by Breakfast Cult author Ettin to discuss maintaining tone in games, from lighthearted to darkly serious.

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04: Eastern Tabletop Games & Culture

Recorded alongside Golden Sky Stories.

Golden Sky Stories translator Ewen Cluney joins us to discuss tabletop gaming culture in Japan, and the handful of games he has worked to bring to English-speaking audiences.

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06: Established Settings

Recorded alongside Eclipse Phase.

We discuss our favorite settings, and just what to do when your favorite RPG source book provides too much, or too little.

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08: Show Wrestling and RPGs

Recorded alongside WWW RPG.

WWW RPG designer Nathan Paoletta joins us to discuss the surprising similarities between professional wrestling and roleplaying games.

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10: Feats 101

Recorded alongside Lasers & Feelings.

Special guests and RPG beginners Mark Soloff and Ashley Davis join us to discuss just what to do when you've never played an RPG before.

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12: Pre-Written Adventures

Recorded alongside Costume Fairy Adventures.

We discuss the value of prepackaged adventures as a teacher, a time-saving measure, a chance for communal experience, and a springboard for your campaigns.

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14: Gaming With Difficult Issues

Recorded alongside Night Witches.

Ironicus, Eliza, Arden, DeviousVacuum, and Marah discuss ways to ensure players feel comfortable in potentially uncomfortable situations.

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16: What on Glorantha is Glorantha?

Recorded alongside 13th Age: Glorantha.

Glorantha glorantha glorantha.

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18: Romance In Games

Recorded alongside Monsterhearts.

A panel of experts convenes to discuss virtual affairs of the heart.

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20: Exploitation Films: Bad Media, Good Games

Recorded alongside Spirit of ‘77.

Special guest Gita joins the crew to discuss the surprising links between exploitation film and tabletop gaming.

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22: How To Run A Kickstarter

Recorded by itself.

Grant talks to Jacob Randolph of Liberi Gothica Games and special guest James D'Amato from One Shot RPG about running a tabletop kickstarter campaign.