The honor! The glory! Step into the squared circle and face off against a slew of spandex-clad titans!

The World Wide Wrestling Roleplaying Game enables you to create your own professional wrestling franchise through play, showcasing satisfying and surprising storylines.

It’s about feuds, championships, betrayal, and righteous victory.

It’s about the clash of good and evil on the grandest stage.

It’s about whether you’ve got what it takes.

And, in the end, it’s about what the audience thinks of your efforts.

- NDP Design



WWWRPG designer Nathan Paoletta joins us to discuss the surprising similarities between professional wrestling shows and roleplaying games, from the safe exploration of the captivation of violence to the concept of collaboration with an apparent opponent.



Season 1

Promoter Nathan Paoletta is all set for fight night, but needs some talent-- enter the 6FU team!

WWWRPG, though based on Apocalypse World, has some extra-special rules for play, so join us as we build our characters and get the juicy deets on Eve Young (Drakkel), Tommy the Cat (Gharbad), The Can Opener (Ambisagrus), and Johnny Young Bots (Ironicus!)

Ladies and gentlemen, what a match we have for you tonight! The plucky Eve Young, daughter of legendary DIck Young, faces off against the unstoppable man-mountain Can Opener! Will this monster be knocked down at last, or will Eve become the latest in a long, long trail of debris in the Opener's path?

I'm Biff Wilcox, and this is one match you gotta see to believe!

Oh, collusion! Tommy the Cat, beloved veteran, not only wrecks Eve's victory and trashes the great state of Ohio, but issues an open challenge-- one accepted by mysterious newcomer hailing from the distant future, Johnny Young Bots!

I'm Biff Wilcox, and I wasn't here for this one-- but boy, do I wish I was!

Season 2

This is World Wide Wrestling! Since you last tuned in, two formidable new wrestlers have debuted: the ferocious Captain Cay (Ikks) and the calculating Professor Cluesworthy (Gnome)! In tonight's ice-cold matches, these rookies face off against our fan favorites, Eve Young (Drakkel) and The Can Opener (Ambisagrus)! Our wrestlers are putting everything they've got on the line tonight. Who will make it to the championships, and who will be left in the dust?

I'm Biff Wilcox, and... welcome back!

Welcome to what must be the finest second part to a podcast you've heard today! Last time, The Can Opener (Ambisagrus) crushed newcomer Captain Cay and Professor Cluesworthy proved once and for all Eve Young (Drakkel) is the daughter of the legendary Max Young-- and picked up a win by disqualification, while he was at it!

The second half of our program notes have sadly been rendered useless, as our veteran Tommy the Cat called for an All-In Brawlin', meaning just anyone could rush in and win! And who did win, I wonder..?

This is Jane Dorian, and welcome back to World Wide Wrestling!

A brief discussion of the many wrasslin' real-world mess-ups that inspired 80-90 percent of this session. Probably all sessions.

Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after our sessions. It's lightly edited and perfect for casual listening, and to get an idea of just what we were thinking when we did all that nonsense!

Season 3


Sure, the company named these episodes the ~"International Incident"~, but I, WWWDogg88, know what they're really all about. As cool as Guero Tres (Art Trebbel)'s introduction was, as much as he did in the future, it's all about my baby the can boy. Eve Young is OK. Forget Johnny Young Breakingthefourthwall. Lemme hear my fellow canheads out there. WWWDogg88 OUT.


Even MORE wrestling chat, this time with 4 hot-blooded fans! I just don't understand a word of it.

Tabletalk takes place before, during, and after our sessions. It's lightly edited and perfect for casual listening-- get an idea of just what we were thinking when we did all that nonsense!

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