With tabletop tomfoolery and wizardly wisecracks, we bring you actual play of lesser-known tabletop games.
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Six Feats Under is an actual play podcast focused on exploring a variety of tabletop games and sharing them with the world.

With tabletop tomfoolery and wizardly wisecracks, we bring you actual play of lesser-known tabletop games. Basically, this means we play a bunch of games and have a real swell time doing it.


What’s New?

New to Six Feats Under, or checking in again after a while? No worries. Here’s our latest three episodes to keep you company.

After standing fearlessly against what would be any mouse's worst nightmare, Gwendolyn suggests the group stop at Sprucetuck before proceeding to the meeting location with the Bat King. With ideas of gifts and negotiations popping up, Francisca suggests they take lodging in the safest place for them: her moms' bakery.

Francisca is played by Riley. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Lily is played by Eliza. Zeke is played by Devious Vacuum.

Our Games Mouse is Grant.

Mouse Guard’s music is performed by Thylacinus.

Today's episode was edited by Riley.

CONTENT WARNING - Self Harm, Controlling Partner, Blood.

Meet the most popular guy in Glenbrook Mall: Oink! Minerva and Dennis invent a new recipe. Kayla takes a new assignment. Cecile gets proactive.

Cecille is played by special guest Ragny. Dennis is played by Grant. Kayla is played by Arden. Minerva is played by Poorweather.

Our GM is DeviousVacuum.

Monster Hearts 2 art was by Spencer Amundson.

Today’s episode was edited by Grant.

For the first time in a long time, the fellowship sits down together and has a chat.

The introduction was an excerpt from Illusion and Dream, by Poets of the Fall.

Friar Pan is played by Clove. Rue Titania is played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley.

Today's episode was edited by Riley.


Actual Play Campaigns

Long-running series with an ongoing plot, recurring cast of characters and players, and (usually) high stakes.



Two patrols of mice venture forth to guard the territories. They are the Mouse Guard, heroes in name and deed. Were it not for the guard, mouse society could never exist.

Under our brave paws, we will keep every mouse safe, from all manner of harm. No matter what.

Hail all those who are able. Any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard will prevail.


A lonesome dragon, figuring out who they are and why they even exist.

A playful guardian, exploring a world they do not understand.

A mysterious wizard, who cares more than they want anyone else to know.

An outcast engineer, trying to find something, anything to believe in anymore.

Do you remember 2007, dear listeners?

Because oh boy we sure do.


Biff Wilcox here, and it's my pleasure to welcome you to another amazing night of WORLD WIDE WRESTLING!

It’s time to work up the crowd and steal the spotlight for a bit of glory,

and settle it all in the middle of the squared circle.

Benedict Bell is a school for the elite. The ruthless. The... bloodthirsty.

One winter, the usual remedials teacher is replaced.

Things just get worse from there, as old grudges and new romances burn dangerously akin.


Welcome to Six Feats Under’s debut campaign!

This is one of the oldest actual play campaigns out there, from way back in 2012.

It’s so old, it began back when 13th Age was still in development!

From hellhole to moon, we're looking forward to having you along for the ride.

Before there were Feats, there were technical difficulties.

The 2009 LP that started it all, edited and compiled by Riley!

 Bonus Feats

Self-contained episodes with no additional information required.

13th Age: Glorantha

Bonus Feat 16.

A lush world of danger and heroics, run for us by legendary RPG author Rob Heinsoo!

Ashen Stars

Bonus Feat 10.

Look, let me make this easy for you: in this game, you play as a special type of bounty hunter called a LASER.


Breakfast Cult

Bonus Feat 2.

English, algebra, gym, lunch, cryptozoology, dead physics. Just another day at Occultar Academy!

Costume Fairy Adventures: The Great Pie Caper

Bonus Feat 11.

Mischief and meddling with fairies, in costumes, on adventures!


Danger Patrol

Bonus Feat 14.

Action/Adventure Roleplaying in the World of Tomorrow!

Eclipse Phase

Bonus Feat 6.

The "eclipse phase" is the period when the cell does not yet appear to be infected by a virus, but it is.



Bonus Feat 17.

Some Friends at the Table join us in a recovering world of power and heroics!


Bonus Feat 1.

First, you have a plan. Then, things go wrong. Finally, things go worse.

Welcome to Fiasco.


Final Bid: The Havoc Engine

Bonus Feat 25.

Gamble it all to make tomorrow yours.

So ante up - its time to place your Final Bid.

Final Bid: Xenohunter

Bonus Feat 26.

Gamble it all to make tomorrow yours.

So ante up - its time to place your Final Bid.


Goblin Quest

Bonus Feat 12.

Oh, goblins. Is there anything they can do?

Golden Sky Stories

Bonus Feat 4.

Tiny towns and miniature monsters have problems too, you know!



Bonus Feat 19.

When it comes to ghoulies and cryptids, leave it to the professionals.

Not these professionals, but some professionals somewhere.

Inverse World

Bonus Feat 3.

The Inverse World is a bizarre place. There is so much to see, and all of it is just out of reach.


Inverse Fellowship

Bonus Feat 27.

Welcome back to the Inverse World, a strange place with a golden god trapped in the center of the world, rain that falls up from the center, floating islands throughout the empty space above, and a ceiling of stone, covering the top of the world.

Lasers & Feelings

Bonus Feat 9 and Bonus Feat 23.

Nothing ever goes smoothly for the crew of the Raptor. They boldly go where many have gone before, and try to do better.


Last Stand

Bonus Feat 8.

Monstrous creatures with writhing limbs and gnashing teeth-- and that's just our armor!

Law’s Out

Bonus Feat 5.

The newest Spaghetti Western movie, filmed and directed by you and your friends!

What will you gamble to get what you need?



Bonus Feat 22.

Everything's connected, every last campaign, feat, and session.

Night Witches

Bonus Feat 13.

Stories of love and loss in the real-life 588th Night Bomber regiment that terrorized the Nazis.


Panic at the Dojo

Bonus Feat 21.

A superhero, a nun, a skater girl, and a vampire missed rent, and now they're fighting the mob about it.

Retail Magic

Bonus Feat 15.

Curios George is a truly singular shop. Mind the cat, and watch out for the sweeping owlbear!


Spirit of ‘77

Bonus Feat 20.

Fast cars, explosions, fight scenes.

Don't worry about why, just watch how cool.


Bonus Feat 7.

With an engine as versatile as this, it's hardly surprising our cast includes a talking dog and a sentient exploding spacesuit!


The Spire

Bonus Feat 24.

The Spire is all the world you've ever known.

And it must fall.

Urban Shadows

Bonus Feat 18.

Things are getting weird in Chicago, and these four ain't helping much.