To Winter's End Season 3

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A lonesome dragon, determined to make his own purpose, since the universe did not give him one.

A playful guardian, reborn into an unjust world they intend to rebuild.

A mysterious wizard, who wants everyone to know how much she cares.

An outcast engineer, believing in the fellowship above all else.

An unsteady prince, learning what it means to take responsibility.

They have formed a fellowship to end an endless winter.

The world knows them as criminals, revolutionaries, and terrorists. But they will save it anyway.


Friar Pan is played by Clove. Rue Titania and Ggislin Ketos are played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley. Monsoon is played by Arden. Aurorealis is played by Gnome.

This series is edited by Riley. The introduction to each episode is voiced by Grant.

Most of the music in this show was performed by Thylacinus. Aurorealis’ theme, Ice Ghost, was performed by Possibly.

The Pumpkin Patch was made using a draft of The Ship playbook.

Fan-made episode transcriptions were written by Pine.



Friar Pan.png

Friar Pan

The Dragon. Friar Pan is a half-dragon, raised by dwarven nuns in an old monastery. Pan has recently discovered that he is immortal, and is using this knowledge with reckless abandon.

Pan seeks Relentless Justice, especially if it will leave a cool scar he can brag about.

Friar Pan is played by Clove.


Rue Titania

The Exile. Rue Titania has died and been reborn by the power of the flesh god, going from glass ghost to weird tentacle woman. She has caused irrevocable change to the Columned City, and will never return. Her resolve to stop Aurorealis is as firm as ever.

Rue will Learn the Truth, no matter what it might cost her.

Rue is played by Ikks.



The Halfling. Nugget used to be Poptart, an experienced halfling who broke all the rules. Now they are a tadpole, and must relearn everything about the world all over again… or do they? Nugget has memories they should not, and powers they also should not.

Nugget has committed to Blasphemy, unable to accept the way things are.

Nugget is played by Joey.


Yuria Bloodtongue

The Collector. Yuria Bloodtongue has died several times now, mostly at Aurorealis’ hand, but it hasn’t stopped her yet. Rebuilt by X3-N0, the creator of all ORCs, she is no longer a squire, but an experienced adventurer with more tricks than she can keep track of up her cyborg arm.

Yuria is Holding The Key, doing all that she can to prevent the wonders of the world from being abused by the greedy.

Yuria is played by Riley.

Pumpkin Patch.png

Prince Monsoon

The Heir. They are the Lustrous Sovereign of the Skies, a powerful and respected pirate prince who commands the most brilliant ship in the Nebula navy, The Bounteous Sun. He is still young and new to all this, and his motives are as mysterious as his desires.

Monsoon wonders But What Of My Kingdom?, putting the Nebula people first in all things.

Monsoon is played by Arden.



An eyeless shadow demon that eats fire. They were trapped in Harbinger’s sword of the same name, but were released when the Pumpkin Patch was destroyed. They now travel alongside Rue, as a hungry little goblin imp that seeks heat and fire.



The Overlord. Aurorealis is a mysterious being whose motives are entirely unknown. She is tall, bald, and pale as the fallen snow. She was once known as Who Fire Forgot, but after Harbinger covered her in eternal flame, she is now Aurorealis: Who Fire Remembers.

Aurorealis is played by Gnome.


Ggislin Kketos

The toughest elf in the world. Ggislin Ketos works for Aurorealis alongside Knight. After saving Poptart from the Glass Desert, he tagged along and learned that the fellowship isn’t so bad, even if they are all idiots. Poptart invited him to join the fellowship. He has yet to give them an answer.

Ggislin is played by Ikks.



A High Doric priest working for Aurorealis. Knight is partnered up with Ggislin Ketos.She has Ascended, becoming a winged humanoid angel thing. She is still totally loyal to Aurorealis, but hasn’t been able to find her since Yuria tackled Aurorealis into the ocean.


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31: Monsoon Season

The fellowship has been kidnapped, Pumpkin Patch and everything. The culprit? Monsoon, the prince of pirates (played by Arden).

Episode art by Julian C.

The introduction was an excerpt from Firebird by Ashbury Heights.


To Winter’s End

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