To Winter's End Season 1

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A lonesome dragon, figuring out who they are and why they even exist.

A playful guardian, exploring a world they do not understand.

A mysterious wizard, who cares more than they want anyone else to know.

An outcast engineer, trying to find something, anything to believe in anymore.

They have formed a fellowship to end an endless winter.

The world does not know them, the world does not love them. But they will save it anyway.


Friar Pan is played by Clove. Harbinger and Ggislin Ketos are played by Ikks. Poptart is played by Joey. Yuria is played by Riley. Aurorealis is played by Gnome.

This series is edited by Gnome. The introduction to each episode is voiced by Grant.

Most of the music in this show was performed by Thylacinus. Aurorealis’ theme, Ice Ghost, was performed by Possibly.

The Pumpkin Patch was made using a draft of The Ship playbook.

Fan-made episode transcriptions were written by Pine.



Friar Pan.png

Friar Pan

The Dragon. Friar Pan is a half-dragon, raised by dwarven nuns in an old monastery. He loves to cook, especially cakes, and Poptart is his best friend in the whole world. He is also the Engine of the Pumpkin Patch. Pan fears he may be responsible for the end of the world.

Pan seeks Relentless Justice and The Dwarven Craft.

Friar Pan is played by Clove.



The Harbinger. Harbinger is a priest of the Columned City, a pillar of the High Doric Order. They are shrouded in mystery, quick to give commands, and slow to explain themselves. Harbinger is in charge of the Pumpkin Patch's Communications. They talk big, but their motives seem benevolent. Probably.

Harbinger will Fulfill The Prophecies.

Harbinger is played by Ikks.



The Halfling. Poptart is a guardian spirit, equal parts River and Frog, and Pilot of the Pumpkin Patch. They love to wrestle, ride on top of, and eat with anyone who will have them. Playful and mischievous, Poptart is here to save the world. They know much more than you'd think.

Poptart wants to Have Fun, and they have an Alien Mindset.

Poptart is played by Joey.


Yuria Bloodtongue

The Squire. Yuria Bloodtongue is a red panda, once torn apart by Aurorealis, but put back together by O.R.C. robots. She is Captain of the Pumpkin Patch, and can call on her old O.R.C. allies for help if she needs them. In spite of all this, she feels inadequate, and is here to find some kind of belonging or purpose.

Yuria knows that They Need Me.

Yuria is played by Riley.


Normal Dog

This is what dogs are. Normal Dog is the Pumpkin Patch's Gunner, and Harbinger's Companion. They are just tentacles, and nothing else.

Pumpkin Patch.png

The Quadcore Pumpkin Patch

The Quadcore Pumpkin Patch is a flying shopping mall, a series of storefront pods rigged together with steam pipes and steel catwalks. Whimsical and complicated, it drifts through the air via a complicated system of levers, steam, and balloons.



The Overlord. Aurorealis, Who Fire Forgot, is a mysterious being whose motives are entirely unknown. All we know is that they want the world cold, and they have the power to do it. She is tall, bald, and pale as the fallen snow.

Aurorealis is played by Gnome.


Ggislin Kketos

The toughest elf in the world. Ggislin Ketos works for Aurorealis alongside Knight. The massive power pack on his back ensures his robotic arms are always fulled charged and ready to go. After his total defeat in their first fight, Ggislin wants to break all of Pan's things.



A High Doric priest working for Aurorealis. Knight is partnered up with Ggislin Ketos. She keeps a ball of wings on her right arm, and wields a heated cyber-sword in her left. Knight considers Harbinger her equal, and wants to kill Pan.


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00: Character Creation

A new adventure begins! This time, we're playing Fellowship. Our heroes are Clove, Joey, Ikks, and Riley, with Gnome playing as the Overlord. Get ready to meet Friar Pan, Poptart, Harbinger, Yuria, and their perfectly normal dog in this character creation episode.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Shadow Play by Poets of the Fall.


01: A Tower Stands

The fellowship begins its first daring heist: to topple a weather control tower on top of the Blue Mountain, deep in Aurorealis’ territory. Guarded by a city of pandas, a snow golem, and a pair of powerful, definitely named antagonists, our heroes have their work cut out for them.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Kingdom by VNV Nation.

02: That Buster Keaton Stunt

The weather control tower has fallen, our heroes have completed their mission. But their enemies, Knight and Ggislin Ketos, are still here, and still ready to rumble. Can Pan, Poptart, Yuria, and Harbinger manage to escape, when they can't even manage to agree with each other on anything?

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Kill V Maim by Grimes.


02.5: The Pumpkin Patch Procedure

Welcome to our second character creation episode! This week, we build the biggest character in the crew: The Pumpkin Patch, the massive flying shopping mall that we all live in.

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from Castles in the Sky by DJ Satomi.


03: The Jolem

The Fellowship has escaped from the Blue Mountain, leaving their damage behind. But they didn't leave everything behind, as Pan discovers an extra passenger on the Pumpkin Patch, leaving everyone to try and figure out what to do with them.

Episode art by Aulse.

The introduction was an excerpt from The Passenger by Digital Daggers.

04: Flapjack

The quiet lumberjack village of Logdale rests in a simple pine forest valley. Poptart and Pan decide to pay them a visit, looking for the halfling Flapjack. But while they're gone, something wild attacks the Pumpkin Patch, with only Yuria there to stop it.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Clear Blue Sky by Poets of the Fall


05: A City Under Siege

On their way to the next tower, our heroes come across the Elven capital of Llendora, and find it under attack from the largest ORC, B0L4.

They have nothing they need here. Their next objective is far, far away. But in a move only most of them will regret, they intervene anyway.

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from Army Of Me by Bjork.


06: B0-L4

Yuria and Pan learn what it means to be a hero.

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from Do It For Him by Rebecca Sugar.


07: The Truth or A Lie?

There is a lot to talk about.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Life in the Vivid Dream by Grimes.


08: World Building

In today's episode of To Winter's End, we build the world. Our heroes talk about the world as they know it, filling it with cool places to see, people to meet, and problems to solve. Like all character creation episodes, this one is technically optional, but we will be referencing the world we made in this episode a lot going forward.

As this is a map-building episode, there is also a video version available by clicking here. I highly recommend watching the video, but listening with the full map open should also work fine.

The introduction was an excerpt from My Walden by Nightwish.


09: What Does A King Do?

After an emotional night, our heroes are invited to a formal breakfast with the king. King Nnico Llendora offers the fellowship food and drink and war machines, in exchange for saving the city and maybe a little fealty. But nobody seems all that interested...

Episode art by Clove. The radio song was You Take Da Steamboat, I Take Da Train by Sam Stern.

The introduction was an excerpt from Carnival of Rust by Poets of the Fall.


10: Revolution

King Nnico Llendora intends to kill Poptart. Yuria refuses to let that happen. Harbinger wants to see the king ruined. Poptart will protect these people, no matter what it takes. And Pan... not even Pan knows what's going on with Pan.

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine.


11: Fair’s Fair

Your actions have consequences.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Fairyland by Angelzoom.


12: Wanted Posters

A week after the terrible incident with Aurorealis, the fellowship finds themselves taking alternative transportation. At the train station, they discover they've all earned wanted posters, so they must wear disguises. Absolutely nothing silly happens in this episode, our show is extremely serious.

The Goose Hydra mini was never intended to become important, but was designed by Jeff T Owens. Pan's anime theme was Freezing Girl, by Yellow Zebra.

The introduction was an excerpt from Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi.


13: Finding Trouble

Alternate episode title: A Day of Revelations

Our heroes have a lot to learn.

Episode art by Ikks.

The introduction was an excerpt from Alpenglow by Nightwish.


14: Panhandling

Ddragon's Lore is burning, and its up to Pan, Harbinger, and Yuria to put it out. They quickly discover Ggislin and Knight have already left, but they made sure to leave something behind for our heroes to deal with...

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from Wine Red by The Hush Sound.


15: B1-L1 “Billy”

After defeating the mighty Train Golem, our heroes earn their first proper Fellowship Move from Trouble and Dr. Chaos. Then, with new treasures in hand, Yuria slowly drives their stolen tank back to the Pumpkin Patch.

The introduction was an excerpt from Blue Lips by Regina Spektor.


16: The Second Tower

The Fellowship has finally reached the second tower of Aurorealis - a massive, burning red heat sink, draining the temperature of the rest of the world. None of Aurorealis' minions defend this tower. It has its own defenses, including one our heroes refuse to fight...

Episode art by Gnome.

The introduction was an excerpt from No Easy Way by Digital Daggers.


17: Smashing Pumpkins

All things must come to an end.

Episode art by Clove.

The introduction was an excerpt from Tomorrow Never Comes by VNV Nation.


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