Mouse Guard Year 1: Spring

Hail all those who are able. Any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard will prevail.

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Heroes fall, heroes break, heroes bleed.
They shed bitter tears, pull themselves up, not to concede.
Often are they waylaid and frequent they mourn.
Heroes are rarely made and even more seldom born.
Not till after they die, do mice sing of their tale.
A job, a duty, a thankless obligation not to fail.
Still many a mouse think only the name is required.
What becomes of them? They either quit or expired.

- A Heroes' Warning, by the Scribe Roibin

Two patrols of mice venture forth to guard the territories in year 1148. They are the Mouse Guard, heroes in name and deed. Were it not for the guard, mouse society could never exist. Under our brave paws, we will keep everymouse safe, from all manner of harm. No matter what.


Francisca is played by Riley. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Lily is played by Eliza.

Marx is played by Gnome. Sable is played by Arden. Tander is played by Drakkel.

Zeke is played by Devious Vacuum. Our Games Mouse is Grant.

Mouse Guard’s art is drawn by Cataegory. Mouse Guard’s music is performed by Thylacinus.

Fan-made episode transcriptions were written by Pine.

The Cast


South Patrol

North Patrol


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00: Character Creation

Welcome to the first episode of Mouse Guard! This two hour episode covers character creation, where we meet our mice, we meet their friends, and we meet each other. Along the way, we discuss just what Mouse Guard is, what the world is like, and answer some questions for each other as we go.

So buckle in and get ready, because we've got a lot of ground to cover and we're very, very small.

This episode was edited by Gnome.


01: Spring 1 - North Patrol Proceeds

Winter is over, Spring is here, and the Mouse Guard is on the move once more. The Territories aren't going to expand themselves, and a new patrol of three mice is gathered to guard a caravan. Loaded with grain and seed, this caravan was commissioned to establish a new community in the Territories. But not all is as it seems, and sinister forces are moving behind the scenes during this deceptively simple mission...

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02: Spring 2 - South Patrol

Sets Out

The South Patrol is given their first mission! Meet the excitable Lily, the motherly Sable, the lonely Zeke, and the anxious Isolde. What should be a simple mission ends up more difficult than expected, as our heroes have few supplies to work with and need to go get more. And things go even worse when they run into a fearsome beast along the way...

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03: Spring 3 - North Patrol Charts The Course

With the new settlement of Wildseed officially getting its legs under it, the northern patrol of Marx, Francisca, and Tander answer a new cry for help. When hapless cartographer Kearra wants to be the first to put Wildseed on the map, she needs an escort to get back to Port Sumac in one piece. North Patrol is on the case!

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04: Spring 4 - South Patrol Prepares

The South Patrol finally has all their permits in order, and heads to Sprucetuck to gather everything they need to lay the Scent Barrier. Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde split up to get everything they need here, but quickly find that not every settlement in the territories thinks well of the Guard...

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05: Spring 5 - North Patrol Puts It Together

With news of a crab attack, the North Patrol sails to Calogero Outpost to face this new threat. They arrive to find the outpost under assault, and only through ingenuity can they hope to win the day and save Calogero.

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06: Spring 6 - South Patrol Checks Their Weapons

The South Patrol has everything they need to lay the scent barrier, everything but their weaponry. Zeke, Sable, and Isolde try to hunt down the thief, while Lily tries her own tactic to retrieve their lost gear. What's more successful: Investigation and revenge, or errand running and friendship?

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07: Spring 7 - North Patrol’s Crustacean Conflict

It's three on three, as North Patrol's three mice square off against three crabs. With only a fake crab to protect themselves with, can our heroes fight off enemies four times their size?

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08: Spring 8 - South Patrol Lays The Scent Barrier

With weapons in hand and a wagon full of predator stink, Lily, Zeke, Sable, and Isolde must travel the whole Western border of the territories, from South to North. Under their cautious hands and watchful eyes, no predator will threaten the territories this year!

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09: Spring 9 - Spring’s End

As Spring comes to a close, both Patrols are still out and about as they complete their final missions for the season. North Patrol takes off to find Saxon which leads them into political intrigue, bandits, and talk of potatoes. In the meantime, South Patrol leads a mail run complete with a sabotaged cart and deal with the most difficult obstacle of the season: Sable's parents.

As Spring dies down, the days are longer and the sun shines brighter, ushering Summer into the Territories. The Guard is always prepared for anything, yet unknown to them an ominous wind blows from the west...

This episode was edited by Riley.


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