Mouse Guard Year 1: Winter

Hail all those who are able. Any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard will prevail.

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Heroes fall, heroes break, heroes bleed.
They shed bitter tears, pull themselves up, not to concede.
Often are they waylaid and frequent they mourn.
Heroes are rarely made and even more seldom born.
Not till after they die, do mice sing of their tale.
A job, a duty, a thankless obligation not to fail.
Still many a mouse think only the name is required.
What becomes of them? They either quit or expired.

- A Heroes' Warning, by the Scribe Roibin

Two patrols of mice venture forth to guard the territories in year 1148. They are the Mouse Guard, heroes in name and deed. Were it not for the guard, mouse society could never exist. Under our brave paws, we will keep everymouse safe, from all manner of harm. No matter what.


Francisca is played by Riley. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Lily is played by Eliza.

Marx was played by Gnome. Sable is played by Arden. Tander is played by Drakkel.

Zeke is played by Devious Vacuum. Our Games Mouse is Grant.

Mouse Guard’s art is drawn by Cataegory. Mouse Guard’s music is performed by Thylacinus.

Fan-made episode transcriptions were written by Pine.

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Winter 1.png

40: Winter 1 - Memorial

The Winter session is a special session, where all the Guard return to Lockhaven for rest, reflection, and change.

But first, a funeral must be held.

This episode was edited by Grant.

The introduction song was written by Grant, adapted from The Dancers; a tale of the Mouse Guard as told by Klya Vanderklught, collected in Legends of the Guard, vol3.

Winter 2.png

41: Winter 2 - Reflection

During Winter, all mice are asked to reflect on what they've learned throughout the year. They must write a report for Gwendolyn, and they must train to keep their skills sharp.

But during one very special day, every mouse takes the day off: Yulefrost.

This episode was edited by Grant.

The introduction song was written by Grant, adapted from The Battle of the Hawk's Mouse and the Fox's Mouse by Jeremy Bastain, collected in Legends of the Guard vol 1.

Winter 3.png

42: Winter 3 - Promotion

Lockhaven's long winters come to a close with the Promotions ceremony.

Enterprising tenderpaws become proper guards mice, skilled guards mice become reliable patrol guards, and responsible patrol guards become charismatic patrol leaders.

But the highest rank of all, second only to the Matriarch herself, are the Captains - six trusted generals who manage the Matriarch's will directly. But this year, the start of 1149, due to unusual circumstances, there is a seventh Captain...

This episode was edited by Grant.

The introduction song was written by Grant, adapted from The Thief, the Star-Gazer, the Hunter, and the Tailor by Cory Godbey; collected in Legends of the Guard vol 2.


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