Mouse Guard Year 1: Fall

Hail all those who are able. Any mouse can, any mouse will, but the Guard will prevail.

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Heroes fall, heroes break, heroes bleed.
They shed bitter tears, pull themselves up, not to concede.
Often are they waylaid and frequent they mourn.
Heroes are rarely made and even more seldom born.
Not till after they die, do mice sing of their tale.
A job, a duty, a thankless obligation not to fail.
Still many a mouse think only the name is required.
What becomes of them? They either quit or expired.

- A Heroes' Warning, by the Scribe Roibin

Two patrols of mice venture forth to guard the territories in year 1148. They are the Mouse Guard, heroes in name and deed. Were it not for the guard, mouse society could never exist. Under our brave paws, we will keep everymouse safe, from all manner of harm. No matter what.


Francisca is played by Riley. Isolde is played by Poor Weather. Lily is played by Eliza.

Marx is played by Gnome. Sable is played by Arden. Tander is played by Drakkel.

Zeke is played by Devious Vacuum. Our Games Mouse is Grant.

Mouse Guard’s art is drawn by Cataegory. Mouse Guard’s music is performed by Thylacinus.

Fan-made episode transcriptions were written by Pine.

The Cast

Weasel Patrol

Moose Patrol


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27: Fall 01 - Moose Patrol Assembles

Gwendolyn has something important to talk about with Francisca, who may have made a few mistakes. But it isn't long before some bad news comes down the vine, and Francisca needs to put together a crack team to handle the most dangerous disaster the Territories could possibly face: A moose has crossed the scent border.

This episode was edited by Grant.

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28: Fall 02 - Weasel Patrol Joins The Crowd

The weasels in Darkheather are up to something. Posters have been found throughout the territories, advertising job openings in the Weasel tunnels to capable science mice and brewers. Gwendolyn is concerned, and decides to send her most diplomatic mice to Darkheather to see what's going on - Marx and Lily, with Sable to make sure they don't do anything TOO risky. Any Guard interference is sure to be taken as a sign of war, so our heroes must tread very, very carefully.

This episode was edited by Riley.


29: Fall 03 - Moose Patrol Starts A Fire

You can't solve a problem as big as a moose without an equally big plan.

This episode was edited by Grant.


30: Fall 04 - Weasel Patrol Ignores A Feast

As new arrivals to the weasel tunnels, Marx, Sable, and Lily are having a feast thrown in their honor by the Tunnel Lord Fulbert! He has some very important questions for our heroes, and they have some very important anything else they'd rather be doing.

This episode was edited by Riley.


31: Fall 05 - Moose Patrol Eats A Berry

With the moose defeated, our heroes have a mystery left before them. Who is this prophet? Why can she see the future? How can she see the future? Is magic real, or is science fake? Are curses real? Is it a good idea to eat magical berries you found in the dirt?

This episode was edited by Grant.


32: Fall 06 - Weasel Patrol Goes Undercover

Marx, Sable, and Lily are trapped in Darkheather for the long haul. Over the weeks they spend in the tunnels, they decide to spy on the weasels, figure out what they're up to, and keep their cover intact.

This episode was edited by Riley.


33: Fall 07 - Moose Patrol Experiments With Grass

Isolde is convinced there's something in the soil. But Moose Patrol's investigation leads them to a bigger discovery than any of them expected...

This episode was edited by Grant.


34: Fall 08 - Weasel Patrol Can't Go Back

Lily, Sable, and Marx continue to spy on Darkheather, gathering all the information they can without blowing their cover. Attention is inevitable, however, as spies are not appreciated in Darkheather. They must escape, soon, or else they'll be trapped down here forever.

This episode was edited by Riley.


35: Fall 09 - Moose Patrol Pursues The Juice

The mysterious drug known as Wolf Juice is being smuggled out of Wolfepointe, made from the sacred fruit of the oracle. Moose Patrol is in pursuit, and the trail leads to Tander's hometown: Port Sumac.

This episode was edited by Grant.


36: Fall 10 - Weasel Patrol Runs Home

Sable and Lily escape by night while Marx is held in captivity, and must find their way back to Lockhaven and an uncertain future.

This episode was edited by Riley.


37: Fall 11 - Moose Patrol Blows This Case Wide Open

Moose Patrol have found their smuggler, and are chasing them through the port town! With the smuggler's dead drop in paw, our mice have a solid lead for the first time since they arrived in Port Sumac. But where will it lead them?

This episode was edited by Grant.

38: Fall 12 - Moose Patrol Sinks Sloan

Harford isn't going to back down, but neither are the Mouse Guard. This ship can't be allowed to leave port!

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Warning: episode 39 contains scenes of torture.


39: Fall 13 - Marx Alone

Hail all those who are able.

Any mouse can.

Any mouse will.

But the Guard will prevail.

This episode was edited by Grant.


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