Monsterhearts 2

Monsterhearts 2 is the second edition of Monsterhearts by Avery Alder . It’s a modern classic about supernatural romance, awkward adolescence, and queer lives.

Players take the role of a young person who is also empowered by some dark side to themselves. Maybe you’re a werewolf, a vampire, from the fae, or violently popular. In any case, the mechanics present these characters with all their power as metaphors for messy lives, and messy lives make drama.

The second edition is more player-friendly with some streamlined mechanics, more GM-friendly with clearer guidelines, and just generally friendly with its new rules and advice for asexuality, race, and other topics.


Cecille is played by special guest Ragny.

Dennis is played by Grant.

Kayla is played by Arden.

Minerva is played by Poorweather.

Our GM is DeviousVacuum.

Monster Hearts 2 art was by Spencer Amundson.

Episode 1 - Gimme That ‘Gurt

Do you remember 2007, dear listeners? Because oh boy we sure do.

Four teens working in Glenbrook mall have supernatural secrets. Their fates are tied to the Curiosities Shop and its owner, Miss Vicki. What would you be willing to pay for the solution to all the problems of life?

This episode was edited by Grant.

Episode 2 - A Cure For Death


As their shifts end, our characters get deeper into each other's business.

Cecile casts a spell. Dennis grabs some Milk Duds. Minerva makes a purchase.

This episode was edited by Grant.

Ragny's guest plugs:


Episode 3 - Girl-Liking Juice

Minerva and Cecile get closer, leaving Kayla and Dennis with some very confused feelings.

This episode was edited by Grant.

Episode 4 - You Say “I Accept”

Minerva is drawn in two directions, as our game becomes a millennial Pygmalion. Kayla makes another sale. Cecile meets Miss Vicki. Dennis finds a shoulder to lean on.

This episode was edited by Grant.


Episode 5 - You Can’t Put The Pig Back In The Pen

Miss Vicki has made some sales, and the fallout is immediate. Kayla attracts a crowd. Dennis performs an interview. Cecile cracks a code. Minerva does her research.

This episode was edited by Grant.

Episode 6 - Am I A Bad Person?

CONTENT WARNING - Self Harm, Controlling Partner, Blood.

Meet the most popular guy in Glenbrook Mall: Oink! Minerva and Dennis invent a new recipe. Kayla takes a new assignment. Cecile gets proactive.

This episode was edited by Grant.

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